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Title: The Arrangement (20 of 25)
Author: [ profile] fantasyfiend09
Word Count: 911
Rating: NC-17 overall
Prompt: Hot man wrapped up in rainbow fairy lights
Warning: None
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: Unbetaed.

Then George came in. He took one look at Draco, grunted, and walked into the kitchen. He came back with a drink and hand and walked up to Harry.

“Really, Harry?” George looked pointedly at Draco. “God, I thought Ron was joking. Bad enough that Bill brings him over now and then, you're actually dating him?” George curled his lip. “You've all gone mad.” He took a swig of his drink and went back into the kitchen despite his father calling after him.

Mr Weasley looked from Draco to Harry. “I'm sorry about him.”

Harry felt a bit like he'd been punched in the gut. Draco, however, assured Mr Weasley that it was fine. “We never got on in school, so I shouldn't expect him to be excited to find me here. I'd rather he be honest than fake.” Harry appreciated honesty, but there was no reason for George to be so blunt right in Draco's face.

When Bill had first agreed to take Draco on and train him in Curse-breaking, everyone had been wary. Everyone had reminded Bill about the things Draco had said and done over the years, but Bill had waved them off with a gesture to his scars to show he didn't need anyone else to remind him. Bill had insisted that Draco be given the second chance Harry had said Dumbledore wanted for him.

Everyone waited for Bill to regret it, but Draco proved to be a diligent and skilful Curse-breaker. It was Draco who finally convinced Bill to leave Gringotts and go freelance so that he could control his hours and have more time with his families. That alone had ensured he had Fleur in his corner forever after. Ron had taken a long time to get used to Draco being around, but as their social circles overlapped more and more, it simply wasn't worth the effort of holding onto the past. George, who saw far less of Draco, still hadn't acclimated to the post-war version of him.

Despite George's initial outburst, he didn't make another comment that afternoon. It helped that he and Draco were sat at opposite ends of the long lunch table and children were present between them. Despite the peace, Harry was on edge with the possibility of another confrontation. After lunch, when everyone got up from the table, Charlie insisted George join him for a fly. Charlie winked at Harry and Draco as he all but shoved George out the door, and Harry knew he owed Charlie a favour.

“Sorry about George,” Harry murmured to Draco as they sat together on the sofa with hot mugs of cocoa. “He's much better than he was right after the war, but he still isn't very accepting of new people.”

Draco's face tightened and he pressed his lips together before he spoke. “I don't want to revisit that time. I've moved on, but I can't blame him for not liking me. It's fine, Harry.” The let it go was left unsaid, but Harry heard it anyway. He pointed out the decorations on the tree he had helped Bill's children make the year before, and invited Fleur over with questions about what projects she had planned for that year. Hermione joined them with tiny Rose in her arms, and everyone stopped to coo at Rose's blinking, sleepy face.

By the time their mugs were empty, Harry was feeling jolly again. As he hugged the Weasleys goodbye, he asked Bill to thank Charlie for him. Then he followed Draco back through the Floo to his cottage


“Well that was intense,” Draco said with a tired smile. “I think you owe me for that.”

Harry leered at him. “Can I pay you in sexual favours?”

Draco tilted his head and affected a thoughtful look. “A blowjob might ease the tension. Or a striptease.” He wiggled his eyebrows. “Maybe something festive?”

Harry scowled. “I'm not dressing up as Santa and having you on my lap. That's just wrong.”

Draco looked aghast. “God, Potter. I meant like wrapping you up in ribbons or fairy lights. Why did you have to make it creepy?”

A rush of heat rose up Harry's neck and face. Oh. The dirty Santa idea had been all him. “I like the lights and ribbon idea. Let's do that.”

“No Santa.”

“No Santa,” Harry agreed.

“Or elves.”

That was even worse, as an image of Kreacher entered Harry's mind. “Definitely no elves.” Harry looked around the room. The only lights he had were on the tree, but he had a box of ribbon he had bought to wrap presents. “I have ribbon. Want me to—”

“Maybe we should just stick to the classic drop-to-your-knees-and-blow-me blow-job.” Draco sat on the sofa and stretch out his long legs in front of him.

“You always have the best ideas.” Harry walked over and gently kicked Draco's legs wider so he could settle between them. Settled on his knees and opened Draco's trousers. “We have a whole week left to try festive kinky stuff.” He reached into Draco's pants and pulled out his half-hard cock.

“Less talking, more sucking please.”

Harry had a comment on the tip of his tongue, but then he decided to put Draco's cock there instead. The happy sigh from Draco told him he had made the right decision.

Part 21
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