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Title: The Arrangement (17 of 25)
Author: [ profile] fantasyfiend09
Word Count: 543
Rating: NC-17 overall
Prompt: Red and green candy canes
Warning: None
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: Unbetaed.

As the morning stretched on, Harry was running out of time to convince Draco to go to lunch at the Burrow with him. He considered just springing it on him with a Side-Along, but he didn't want Draco Hexing him in front of the Weaselys. Bill had worked so hard to make peace between his family and his protégée. No, better to ask and get consent. Or rejection.

To better his chances, he decided to play to Draco's sweet tooth. He made hot chocolate and used candy cane as stirring rods to add a hint of peppermint. Draco took his mug with a scowl. Harry expected him to criticise the waving snowman on the mug, but it was the candy cane he took issue with.

“More red?” He wrinkled his nose.

Harry could point out that candy canes were meant to be red and white, but that might undermine the whole buttering up thing. Instead he flicked his wand and the candy canes and added a green stripe. “There you go. Inter-House unity.”

Draco tried to look exasperated, but his lip twitched and gave him away. “McGonagall would be so proud.”

“I think she would be. There have been lots of inter-House relationships these days.”

Draco invited him to continue with a single lifted brow.

“Well, you work for a Gryffindor, you have friends from every House—”

“Yes.” Draco sighed to show how he was put-upon. “Damn Susan Bones for being an ambitious and interesting Hufflepuff.”

“And now you are even dating a Gryffindor.”

Draco shrugged. “All that stupid bravado is rather useful in bed.” He winked and Harry blushed. “Now, what is it you are leading up to? Don't think I can't see a bribery hot chocolate when I see one, and you've been far too conciliatory all morning.”

“Come to lunch at the Burrow.” It came out in a rush, but Harry thought it was clear enough for Draco to understand. “Please.”

“Are we meeting the families now?” The tone was playful but Draco's gaze was as serious as a Curse. He was searching Harry's face as if trying to determine the full weight of Harry's request.

Harry hadn't thought of it as “meeting the family” or some indication of the seriousness of their relationship. He just always went to Sunday lunch and thought it would be more fun with Draco there. He didn't really want to contemplate how serious things were between them, but he couldn't deny the way he had missed Draco the day before or how protective he had felt of Draco in his exhaustion.

Maybe it was appropriate to be bringing Draco to meet the family. They had only been on a few dates, but they had known each other for nearly two decades. Sure, the first several years weren't very friendly, but there had always been a strong attraction between them, even if the form had varied. Rather than feeling it was premature, Harry felt like things with Draco were long overdue.

He sipped his hot chocolate and gave Draco his warmest smile. “I think it's time. Don't you?”

A small smile slowly stretched Draco's lips. “Yes. Perhaps it is.”

Part 18
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