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I was supposed to be writing fic this afternoon. Instead, I added a Likes/Dislikes to my Masterlist post. I'm proud of myself for carving out some fandom time, but it's never enough to do all of these:

- Read Friends Feed, including fics posted, and then comment.

- Update my Masterlist and upload more fics to AO3.

- Write my Erised fic, finish and edit my Ginny/Pansy fic, make use of the many ideas bouncing around my head.


Mar. 7th, 2015 02:59 pm
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I'm sick with the same nasty cold my son and husband had. Seeing how it was with them, there is a good chance I'll feel worse before better. :(

Any good recs for feeling poorly and having very little concentration/emotional energy? I need Draco/Harry chicken soup.
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It's mid-January and I still have so much Christmas reading I want to do!  It's a pretty great kind of hardship to have, but it still frustrates me when I get so little reading time.

Are other people caught up?  When do you read?  And where?  I rarely read outside of the house, and usually only once my kids are in bed.  Maybe I need to find time in other parts of the day.
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So I bought and read Bedtimes Stories, a collection of wonderful m/m short stories by various talented authors, including Nat (aka [ profile] saras_girl, aka Kit Mullender).

I bought it knowing I would at least love Nat's story (which I did--damn that lady can make me feel a scene), but I enjoyed most of the stories very much. A couple were so good I had to look up the authors and get their other works, too.

If you love a bit of romance before bed, this book is for you.
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Bottom!Draco reveals went up and I still haven't replied to the comments on my stories. Hell, I haven't finished reading other people's fics that I have bookmarked in my 'Catch Up' file. Also bookmarked are most of the Draco Tops Harry fics I have yet to find time to read. And I still have about 20 tabs open in my browser, despite my efforts to bookmark and close tabs I don't have time to read yet.

Oh, and then there's the Smoochfest fic that's not going to write itself!

Basically, RL is getting in the way of my fandom. :(
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I keep reading 8th year stories that include Luna Lovegood among the 8th years, despite the fact that she's in Ginny's year.  It always throws me off, and then I have to work to get myself back into the story.  At least movie-canon-but-not-book-canon things (like Draco, Ginny, and Harry having blue eyes) I kind of understand, but I don't think even the movies put Luna in their year.  Maybe it's just that the movies don't explicitly state her year?  I've only seen OotP once... 

Okay, all done being obsessive.


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