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I was supposed to be writing fic this afternoon. Instead, I added a Likes/Dislikes to my Masterlist post. I'm proud of myself for carving out some fandom time, but it's never enough to do all of these:

- Read Friends Feed, including fics posted, and then comment.

- Update my Masterlist and upload more fics to AO3.

- Write my Erised fic, finish and edit my Ginny/Pansy fic, make use of the many ideas bouncing around my head.
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Anyone know what happened to [ profile] melusinahp? Her journal is suddenly deleted.
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So today I finally replied to the comments on my Owl Post fics. Yep. Three months later. *sigh* I haven't done Erised either. And I fear there might be a fest or two from before that I'm forgetting after so many months. *sigh*

I understand why some people just don't reply to comments at all, but I love my comments. It makes writing and posting worth while to feel like someone else enjoyed and related to what I wrote. I want them to know that and to thank them for the time they took to tell me. Of course the time I spent replying and now posting this was the time I'd allotted to write for the next fest, so it feels that one thing is always at the cost of another.
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I followed [ profile] oakstone730's sage advice and signed up for VIP so I can't hide in my room. If I pay for an event, I know I will go. Especially if there will be drink food. I am so excited to meet fandom folk in the flesh!
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Jumping on the bandwagon and doing this.

My results )
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The IndieGoGo campaign is at 102%! I'm so excited. I want to go so badly. I WILL go. I will!
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Fandom is love. Seriously. I was so sick this weekend, but I'd signed up for the Word War and felt like I couldn't just disappear. You guys posted kind words and fabulous recs that kept my spirits up, and then were supportive about the words I managed to write for the Word War. I love you guys. <3

I am pretty much healthy now. It's hard to tell how much of my lethargy is lingering recovery and how much is the time change and that this crazy winter is still going! I usually like winter, but this one has overstayed its welcome. *looks at winter* *looks at the door* *nudges*
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I did some solid work on my Owls today, so that deadline is slightly less terrifying.  Slightly.

I figured out that checking my email through my ipad and phone is really not working.  I don't know if it's yahoo or my app (anyone else have yahoo!mail experiences to share?), but emails disappear and reappear in an alarming way.  It's better on a computer, so today I went back through the past few months and tried to make sense of it all.  The good news was that it led to me doing some (incredibly overdue) comment replying.  There is still more to do, but starting feels good.

And [ profile] randomandom motivated me to look at my Masterlist for the first time in over a year.  Yeah, that needs updating.  But now it's on the mental to do list!

I'm sending you all wishes of plot bunnies and helpful muses.
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Is it weird that I am a strict devotee to Harry/Draco (I won't read them with anyone else), but love Tom Felton/Rupert Grint something fierce? o.O
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Does anyone know when claiming will be? I realised that claiming opened around this time last year, but I've heard nothing about it this year. I hope it's still happening just with a different timetable or that I've missed the posts.
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Bottom!Draco reveals went up and I still haven't replied to the comments on my stories. Hell, I haven't finished reading other people's fics that I have bookmarked in my 'Catch Up' file. Also bookmarked are most of the Draco Tops Harry fics I have yet to find time to read. And I still have about 20 tabs open in my browser, despite my efforts to bookmark and close tabs I don't have time to read yet.

Oh, and then there's the Smoochfest fic that's not going to write itself!

Basically, RL is getting in the way of my fandom. :(
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I was SO excited to come home to this bundle of love and cute from [ profile] appleling the other night (yes, it took me a few days to post *hangs head in shame*):

Appleling love!

Isn't she cute? Look at that Draco! ♥ There's an adorable Harry hidden on the other side. And look, my fluffy hugs are loading! *dies of cute* This made my week! :D
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EEK!  Careerfest is posting reveals and I haven't even finished reading everything!  *headdesk*
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Brent Corrigan as James Sirius
In my head, James Sirius looks just like the porn star actor Brent Corrigan.  Who are your RL people who represent the HP characters?
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We are way behind in Round 3.  We're losing to Teen Wolf!  I don't even know what Teen Wolf is!

You can vote for the best slash pairing every hour.  :D



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