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15 lovely people have signed up for Owlpost so far (myself included), but we need MORE! I love this fest because you can do little things and it keeps the pressure low. Sign up to write a drabble or make stick art. I love stick art. I love drabbles. I love holiday love!

Sign-ups for [ profile] hd_owlpost Winter Holiday Fest
start tomorrow!

holidays: winter 2015

Rules and Fest Guide

Besides, look how hot [ profile] isinuyasha's promo banner art is. How can you not want to be part of this?
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Drop by and prompt some love.
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Sign-up for the [ profile] dracotops_harry Fest! :)

Art by Random., banner by [ profile] corona_0304.

Claim A Prompt | Fest Rules | Join the community

One of my prompts was claimed, and I'm jumping around in excitement! I love this fest! I will write for it too, even though I've been trying to tell myself that I have no time until June. Silly self, I will make time!
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So I bought and read Bedtimes Stories, a collection of wonderful m/m short stories by various talented authors, including Nat (aka [ profile] saras_girl, aka Kit Mullender).

I bought it knowing I would at least love Nat's story (which I did--damn that lady can make me feel a scene), but I enjoyed most of the stories very much. A couple were so good I had to look up the authors and get their other works, too.

If you love a bit of romance before bed, this book is for you.


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